Welcome to Ridge to River. We are a small women-owned business operation serving the planet, based on the Mendocino Coast. We’re water specialists who focus on hydrologic analysis and modeling, ecological restoration, erosion control, storm water treatment, water quality analysis, biomimicry, permitting, and low impact development. We design and implement some of the most effective erosion control measures, saving clients money and time through our design-build services. Our approach focuses on mutual benefits shared by humans and the natural environment.

When watersheds are well-managed, synergistic long-term relationships can develop between landowners and ecological systems. These include providing habitat for plants and animals, as well as encouraging a diverse natural web of interactions. In turn, people can increase their property value by tastefully developing water features; harvesting valuable resources from forests, meadows and rivers; use biological systems for wastewater treatment; and decreasing the potential for harmful effects to property caused by mismanaged watershed ecosystems.

Over the last decade we have worked with Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, California Department of Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, California Department of Fire and Forestry Protection, California State Parks and Recreation, the Sate Coastal Conservancy, local towns and cities, and over 100 private landowners including timber companies, ranchers, watershed residents, and conservation trusts.

We start with careful observation. Our initial study collects baseline data on existing and historic conditions. This data also helps us monitor the site over time. We map and analyze the watershed within which we are working to have a comprehensive understanding of influencing factors, land use practices, and the regional setting.

Once the site is assessed, we offer a broad range of services.



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