Contact Ridge to River:

Teri: (707) 357-0857
Anna: (707) 391-1761

1050 Cedar St, Fort Bragg CA USA, 95437

Teri Jo Barber has thirty years of experience working in the watershed sciences. Initially this involved preparing wetlands for tertiary wastewater treatment and employment with USFS as a fisheries biologist. Since 1995 she has developed Ridge to River and has designed and implemented bioengineered instream and riparian restoration projects, upslope erosion control plans, culvert design/sizing/installation, drinking water quality assessments for non point source pollution, and water supply measurements, conservation, and permitting.  Teri Jo’s goal is to improve the quality and availability of freshwater resources while balancing human needs with the increasingly important role of native plants, fish, and wildlife. She is a licensed hydrologist certified by American Institute of Hydrology and licensed stormwater designer certified by California Stormwater Quality Association.

As a Watershed Scientist and general contractor, Anna Birkas takes an integrative approach to surface water hydrology, concentrating on ecological interactions and human influences. She works with landowners and citizens through education and hands-on land use practices. Anna has focused on soil-water interactions, erosion control methods, Low Impact Development,  habitat restoration, watershed management, conservation, and surface water hydrology. In her analysis she uses statistical methods and modeling techniques, specializing in spatial relationships.

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