Hydrologic Analysis


Research & Monitoring:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Modeling
  • GIS
  • Remote instrumentation
  • Fish surveys
  • Hydrology
  • Watershed assessment
  • Soil infiltration
  • Soil water repellency
  • Water budget
  • Climate
  • Limnic and Lotic Studies
  • Revegetation monitoring
  • Botanical studies
  • Bio-indicators
  • Habitat assessment

We take an integrative approach to watershed analysis. In addition to collecting diverse, quantitative field data we conduct qualitative visual surveys, examine local index populations and habitats, assess historical records, and provide statistical analysis.

We conduct a thorough examination, taking care in our selection of monitoring protocols. We provide simple yet robust research design, an invaluable foundation for sound analysis. We have often applied such techniques in assessing trends and effectiveness of ecological restoration and watershed management. In many cases past research and visual surveys can be solely relied upon to address land use issues. We retain the knowledge and expertise to decide when, where, and if a study would be appropriate.

Previous research and monitoring topics have included: Garcia River winter water clarity, effectiveness monitoring for ecological restoration, summer water temperature, stream discharge, cross sections and longitudinal profiles, road sediment inventories, stream corridor and upslope erosion potential, vegetation sampling, soil permiability, Salmonid surveys, and macroinvertebrate bio-indicators.

Above: Aerial monitoring is helpful in evaluating watershed health and vegetative success over time. Below: measuring flow from a pipe.

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